You can make a booking in two ways, either via the ‘Accommodation’ or ‘Booking’ link. Start the booking through the link ’Accommodation’, if you haven’t yet selected your accommodation. When starting with the link ‘Booking’, you can move directly to the section 3 of the instructions.


1. Choose first the resort where you want to go. All the accommodation alternatives available at the resort in question will be displayed.

2. Choose the accommodation alternative.
-If the type of accommodation is a cabin with only one apartment, the booking calendar appears at this stage below the cabin details and images. You can check from the calendar when the apartment is free and when it has been reserved. You can move to the booking from the link ‘TO MAKE A BOOKING’.
-If the accommodation is an apartment in a big Alpine house such as ’The Plough’ at Levi (“Otava”), please select also the apartment, and from each individual apartment you can move to the booking using the link ‘TO MAKE A BOOKING’.

3. From the link ‘TO MAKE A BOOKING’ you have access to the booking system, where
a) Select the resort from the pull-down menu. Please wait a few seconds, until the system is updated.
b) Select the house from the pull-down menu. Please wait a few seconds, until the system is updated. If there aren’t any separate apartments within the house, the booking calendar appears at this stage.
c) If there are separate apartments within the house, please select the possible apartment and wait a few seconds, until the system is updated. The apartment specific booking calendar appears now.

OR CLICK ’Search free apartments/cabins’ and enter the preferred dates into the fields. This search gives you a list of free accommodation alternatives during the period of time according to your wishes.

4. You can choose the date of arrival and departure either by clicking those dates from the calendar or by entering them into the boxes in the format dd mm yyyy. If you click the dates from the calendar, please wait a few seconds after clicking both dates, to allow the system time to be updated.

To be taken into consideration with regard to the dates of arrival and departure! In the following cases, please contact us by phone to the number +358 (0)45 235 7464 / Mirja Mäki or by e-mail info@lomatahdet.fi
-If there is less than 30 days until the booking, you cannot make the booking electronically.
-If the booking is located in the seasons ’A’ or ’E’ (see the price list), and the booking period differs from a week, the booking system calculates the prices according to full weeks. Nevertheless, we have so far been flexible with regard to the booking periods therefore, please contact us, and we’ll certainly reach an agreement regarding the rates.

5. Please fill all the necessary information into the form that appears (the items marked with an asterisk are obligatory). Please select also the required additional services such as cleaning or a child care kit.

6. Click ’Confirm the bookings’.

7. The booking appears now in our booking system, and we’ll send you an invoice for the advance payment (30% of the rental rate).

If you have any questions, please contact us
+358 (0)45 2357 464


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